Core Counselling - discover your true self

Life may be okay, but …

  • things could be better
  • something is ‘just not right’
  • you are sensing the need for a change
  • you want to discover more about your self 
  • you want to improve or deepen relationships  

You may even be thinking, “I was meant for something more than this.”

You are not alone in experiencing these very human situations.

I offer 15-minute complimentary phone or in-person consultations. Call (250-586-7380) or email to arrange a convenient time for you.

As an adult you are supposedly free to make your own choices, yet one often lives a life based upon family, societal, cultural, religious and gender-role expectations.  These factors heavily influence what you are “supposed to be doing” with your life and who you are meant to be.  They lead to feelings of boredom, unfulfillment, depression and even anger. You may even be noticing patterns of behaving which don’t have your True Self in mind.

These feelings indicate that you are living a life out-of-sync with your True Self.

You begin to realize,Hey, whose life am I living?”   

So now what?

a time to decide between who you truly are and who you have become

At these times you are asked to …

  • go deeper into your self. You are asked to sift and sort through beliefs, feelings and behaviours.
  • explore who you truly are. You determine what qualities no longer serve your soul, letting go in order for new qualities and energy to enter your life.
  • discover your True Self.  You ask your self, “Who do I want to be?”

Self-discovery comes in the form of counselling.

My specialization in Depth Psychology focuses on gaining a better understanding of how unconscious values and beliefs influence feelings, relationships and choices. You will:

  • creatively learn insights into past and current behaviour
  • make more meaningful decisions based upon what you truly want
  • become more empowered to live the life you imagine

It is never too late to become
What you might have been.   
– George Eliot

Call (250-586-7380) or email to arrange a complimentary 15-minute phone or in-person consultation.

Parksville location.

Diane Hancox, MA, CCC provides counselling services to Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo and Vancouver Island.