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You’ll find here a collection of short articles which apply depth psychology ideas to everyday personal experiences.

Social and Environmental Consciousness

Being environmentally or socially conscious is often difficult. For example, as one contemplates throwing an empty cardboard toilet-paper roll into the bathroom trash container, there may be a fleeting thought of walking the roll to the kitchen recycling area or even placing it on the vanity counter to move later. The thought leaves and into […]

The Importance of Loss & Grief

Although losses occur throughout life, the time from mid-life onward presents an increase of unavoidable transitions and changes. Common losses include retirement, downsizing households, offspring moving away, deaths and declining or changing health. More than just an inevitable part of life, Jungians regard aging as a “developmental stage”; a stage that can be lived with […]

Assertive ..The Right to Be

This issue:The Imortance of Assertiveness “Excuse me, my soup is cold. I would like it heated up thanks.” For many, saying this statement to a server in a calm, respectful manner is difficult. Why so? Many people were raised in a home in which their thoughts and emotions were not valued. Negative feedback (bring ignored or […]

Summer Self-Awareness

SUMMER SELF-AWARENESS IDEAS  There is and can be no special planned technique for discovering and awakening one’s inner self, because the inner self is first of all a spontaneity that is nothing if not free.     ~   Thomas Merton Indeed. The unconscious communicates with us through dreams, spontaneous images or day fantasies, slips of the tongue, […]

Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are the fences that keep us safe – something we may not have experienced in childhood. Take a moment to consider the boundaries in your childhood home? Did others respect your physical and emotional boundaries? Were you able to set boundaries with others? Most often, we were not taught to consider our needs […]

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