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You’ll find here a collection of short articles which apply depth psychology ideas to everyday personal experiences.

Facing Homelessness

Psychologically, the image of a house is a symbol of our self. The condition of the house in a dream (and in our waking reality) indicates the state of our psychic home. We assess: Whose space are we occupying?, What is going on in it?, and What is the condition of it?  Are things in […]

Valuing Finances = Valuing Self

We talk about physical and emotional health, but what about financial health?  Financial health can be seen as how safe we feel about our level of money.  We do not want to be stressed about money; nor do we want to be in denial of our money situation (in order not to be stressed!).  In fact, physical, emotional […]

Keeping It Simple

Henry David Thoreau said in Walden, “Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify, simplify!” How do we begin to simplify our lives? We begin with being aware of what we are doing and why. We ask:  Towards what and to whom am I putting my energy? We then ask:  What drives me to do […]

The Divine Child

At this time of year, many people celebrate Christmas and the birth of the child of God, Jesus. As with any child that appears in dreams or myths, it usually signals the emergence of previously unknown psychic material into consciousness. What is the Christ child trying to bring into our consciousness? Archetypically, the child appears […]

The Art of Giving

It’s the time of year when charities and agencies are asking the community for money, toys and other needed items. We are being asked to be generous. Generosity is freely sharing what you have with others without expectation of reward or return. The giving can take many forms: money, possessions, time, attention, aid, encouragement, emotional […]

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