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You’ll find here a collection of short articles which apply depth psychology ideas to everyday personal experiences.

Relationship Dynamics

Why does our partner bug us after a while? Why do we tend to become ‘like my mom’ or feel like the ‘parent’ or ‘child’ in the relationship? When we are in that ‘falling in love stage,’ a part of us leaps into ‘the wild blue yonder’ – somewhere far away and exciting; a place largely based upon […]

The Brain in Love

Romantic love is associated with the early phases of a relationship – the ‘falling in love’ stage. This love is based on attraction and is characterized by euphoria, focused attention, and obsessive thinking about the person. These symptoms are attributed to increased levels of certain neurotransmitters – specifically dopamine – which have the same effect […]

Changing Habits: Urge Control

It’s the time of year where we may be trying to change habits. For more compulsive (or addictive) behaviours, we cannot simply stop or will-power them away, as this leaves a psychological void which often drives us back to the exact behaviour we wanted to avoid. Eating sweet/carb foods, drinking alcohol, shopping, or other feel-good (albeit undesired) behaviours […]

A Merry Mindful Holiday Season

The key to mindfulness is to slow down and fully engage all the senses. Mindfulness also directs one to ask: What thoughts are going through my mind?  What sensations are there in my body? And, What emotions and impulses are occurring? As we may know, the holidays do not always go according to plans and […]

Shadow Material: The US Election & Our Own Work

In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, however shocking (or not) the results may have been, it was not an unforeseeable aberration. What was the appeal of Donald Trump that led to his win?  Why are some people so outraged? From a depth psychological perspective, Hilary spoke to the status quo – the same […]

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