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You’ll find here a collection of short articles which apply depth psychology ideas to everyday personal experiences.

The Lasting Effects of Trauma & Childhood Adversity

Even though we might believe that we had a ‘normal’ childhood, most children experience some form of ‘adverse childhood experiences’ (aka ACE’s). Whether it was emotionally unavailable or controlling (e.g., everything had to be ‘fine’) parents, a chaotic household (due to addiction, mental illness, depression, anxiety, domestic violence, or divorce), neglect or abuse, children are […]

The Benefits of EMDR Psychotherapy

Why am I excited to be integrating EMDR into my practice?    EMDR allows the client to access conscious and unconscious memories which are associated with negative cognitions/thoughts (E.g.,  I’m unlovable, I’m stupid, I’m a disappointment) and goes back to the origins of these in order to clear up both the (false) negative message/voice and the unpleasant […]

Towards Inner Peace

Most of us seek an increased sense of calmness, serenity and inner peace.  We would like less chaos, stress and conflict with people, situations and our selves.  At times we may feel restless, irritable and bothered by something we may not actually be able to name. What is this internal conflict about? This inner struggle […]

Making the Next Best Choice

What makes a decision better than others? Look at the intention behind making the decision.  Is it based upon any fear?  It is working from a place of abundance or scarcity (which is usually fear-based)?  Who will benefit from your action? Further, look at what values are beneath the decision.  Is it validating virtues of honesty, loyalty, […]

The Role of Boredom

Boredom is a universal state of mind and emotion.  Being bored has a negative connotation and yet, originally it was associated with the monarchy and elite society as they had nothing much or urgent to do, thus, became bored. As with all emotions, the purpose of boredom is to move one into action; it asks […]

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