Core Counselling - discover your true self

The Counselling Process

First things first …

The key to any healing process is the relationship between you and the therapist. When you work with me, a supportive relationship exists in which your feelings, ideas and hopes are shared and respected. A therapeutic team exists which proceeds in an insightful, learning and guiding way. I believe you know your self better than anyone and our work encourages your inner wisdom to enter the sessions. 

Next …

Therapy gives the opportunity to discover and invite back those parts of your self that have been wounded, buried or pushed aside. Although I use a broad range of effective approaches best matched to each individual, a specialization in Depth Psychology exists. My approach focuses on going below-the-surface of your usual awareness and respectfully explores the richness of your unconscious.

Call (250-586-7380) or email to arrange a complimentary 15-minute phone or in-person consultation. Parksville location.

Due to personal wounding certain qualities and wisdom become hidden in your unconscious making it difficult to live a life according to your true self. Fortunately, the unconscious reveals itself through images which are valued as a source of healing. When appropriate, we will integrate the use of dreams, images, body symptoms and inward reflection while looking at current everyday happenings in your life.

As we work …

  • meaningful insights occur
  • hope returns
  • you have better control of situations
  • you are more empowered to make changes
  • you learn to make more meaningful decisions in your life
Either you will

go through this door

or you will not go through.

If you go through

there is always the risk

of remembering your name.    – Adrienne Rich

I honour the diversity which exists in your cultural or religious beliefs and sexual orientation.

Individual Dream Work

Do you want to better understand your dreams? Individual sessions are available which focus on the translation of dream images into meaningful content for the dreamer. We will apply methods of working with dream material to some of your recent dreams. You will learn how to symbolically approach parts of the dream, make associations, connect elements of the dream, and look for themes in dreams. Vital to the work is applying the dream’s suggestions to current happenings in your life. The work will bring a deeper relationship with your self and a better understanding of what may be psychically “up” for you.  $80/hour (initial session). Follow-up sessions available for 30-min. ($40) or 60-min. ($80).

Call (250-586-7380) or email to arrange a complimentary 15-minute phone or in-person consultation.  Parksville location.


Diane Hancox, MA, CCC provides counselling services to Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Nanaimo and Vancouver Island.