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Those Holiday Blues

Ironically, this time of year, often filled with increased opportunities for relaxing and connection with others, is a time of increased stress and depression.  Although the song tells us, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” for many it is clearly not. One study stated that two-thirds of women report depression during the holidays […]

The Importance of Feeling Our Feelings

Most people have difficulty experiencing the full range of emotions. We may have been raised in a family where certain feelings were not allowed to be expressed or one in which everything had to be “fine.” We may have been overwhelmed, even traumatized by intense emotions. In all cases, discomfort arises when we are exposed […]

The Divine Child Offers Hope

At this time of year, many people celebrate Christmas and the birth of the child of God, Jesus. As with any child that appears in dreams or myths, it usually signals the emergence of previously unknown psychic material into consciousness. What is the Christ child trying to bring into our consciousness?  Archetypically, the child appears […]

Scarcity & Abundance

In the reality show, Hoarders, the accumulation of material possessions, especially with items deemed worthless, such as yogurt containers, may evoke our wonder as to possible underlying psychologically reasons for such behaviour.  When we accumulate or have difficulty in giving, we are working from a scarcity mindset. This worldview believes that there is not enough […]

Honouring the Feminine

December 6 is recognized as a National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada. Although men are victims of violence, statistics indicate that half of Canadian women have survived at least one incident of sexual or physical violence and 29% of Canadian women have been assaulted by a spouse. What might […]

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